Jamal Abdul Nasser Road Development Project (RA/167)

The Jamal Abdul Nasser Project (also known as RA 167) is one of the major infrastructure and road development projects taking place in the State of Kuwait and is part of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) strategic plans to enhance motorways and roads in the State of Kuwait. The Project will transform and upgrade the existing street into a motorway that adheres to international standards and will be standing for the next 100 years to accommodate 50 years of future traffic flow by providing a series of complex bridges and elevated highways along the length of the project and at intersections. The upgrade will therefore secure smoother and more efficient traffic flow as well as providing easier access to universities, hospitals and other main government buildings along Jamal Abdul Nasser Street. The Project also includes the diversion and upgrading of a number of utilities' networks including electrical and communications cabling, sewerage and storm water drainage

ERGO Scope of Work

construction Of Diaphragm/Construction Of Precast Segments/Construction Of Pier and Pier Cap

At a Glance

Ministry of Public Works (MPW)/Roads Engineering Department, Kuwait
Louis Berger Group "LBG"
Main Contractor
Rizzani De Eccher
Obrascon Huarte Lain
Boodai Construction
Finish Date 28/10/2016

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