RA/166 - Jahara Road Development Project

The Jahra development project is the upgrade of existing at-grade Jahra road located in the dynamic industrial area of Shuwaikh. It is one of the busiest places of Kuwait as educational institutions, hospitals, industrials, offices, and the most important port of Kuwait, the Port of Shuwaikh are situated in this area. The project consists of 17.7 km of viaduct and aims to appease and accommodate the current traffic volumes and its expected growth. The project is composed of a main viaduct and of several link bridges. The Jahra viaduct will provide an instant access to Kuwait city when arriving from the west. The link bridges will facilitate the traffic between the viaduct and other main transport infrastructures. Moreover, the Jahra development project will be connected to the Jamal Abdul Nasser viaduct, a parallel project currently under construction. Safety and high road standards have been of paramount importance during the design stage. Indeed, an emphasis has been put on the driving experience in order to create a safe and comfortable road for all drivers.

ERGO Scope of Work

Substructure Woks

At a Glance

Main Contractor
Finish Date APRIL-2012

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